I finally got a working LM386 amplifier that I built myself. I named it "Maxx The Freak" after the cigar box that it is housed in. Very simple to build after working out the inexperience of soldering on a board. Its a great sound! With the gain rolled all the way off its clean with just a hint of distortion. The distortion is low key when on the bridge pick up, the other 4 positions (stratocaster 5 way switch) let the distortion bleed through a little more. With the gain half way its a great clean rock tone, and with the full gain and full volume the tone gets nice and "fuzzy", almost a brown sound (think EVH).

What I love the most is when everything in on "11" you can control the amount of distortion by just turning down the volume on your guitar. You can really dial in a good amount of distortion this way. Great for clean verses and dirty choruses and ever soloing.

http://youtu.be/pbBeuhticqI <PICS/Video Clip
Yeah, they don't sound bad for such a simple circuit. I'm thinking of building another, but with a pair of like 4" speakers in a housing and a thing so it can hang off my strap.
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