im looking to get rid of the paint on the backside of my neck, or buff it out i guess.
my buddy has a guitar he got on craigslist, in which the guy did just that to smooth out the neck, from factory paint, to basically a satin finish which feels much nicer.
so my question is how did he do this? sand paper, some kind of pad that buffs out paint? has anyone ever done this?
whats the pad he's talkin bout? abrizeeth?
cant make it out with his accent lol
thanks btw
oh wait, hes saying abrasive lol nevermind
has anyone ever done this, if so whatkind should i use and will this damage the neck at all, other than taking off the gloss finish?
He's saying 'abrasive'

You could just use some 1000 grit paper or something instead, but it'll clog up real quick.
Use a RED scotchbrite pad...yeah for dishes. #0000 steel wool will also work a treat, but is a little messier so keep the metal debris away from your pickups and stuff. It won't remove the paint but will make it a lil satin and much smoother feeling.
Sandpaper with a lite grit (120 or higher or you will reshape the nek) to remove paint . Buff with steel wool 000. Apply maybe 10 coats , or til you like the feel, of polyeurathane satin( not gloss). Use very thin coats and rub with steel wool between coats. Let it dry for a couple days done. I've done a few times and it works great and you get rid of the sticky feel.