We were recording a demo with out singer's labtop. We were using an audio interface that came with Protools, but we were recording into Audacity. We first recorded a scratch track, with just a mic in the room while we played the song. Then, we had the drummer record his parts while listening to the track through headphones. When we listened to the two together afterwards, though, the drums didn't line up; there were slight differences in timing that made it sound weird. After a couple takes, we just decided to go with it, and I recorded my bass over the scratch track and drums. The guitarist then recorded his parts over the bass and drum tracks. Although the parts didn't line up with the scratch track, they all lined up with each other. However, when the guitarist tried recording leads over it, they were all out of time. We're figuring this has to do with latency. However, I thought that using an audio interface would prevent this. Does anybody know what's causing this, or if the problem is something other than what we believe?
Try download Asio4All, I had latency when recording on my laptop and after downloading it I have minimal latency and i'm not even using an audio interface.
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Would it be possible to do the same thing with Ableton or Protools, or use Reaper with one of the two?
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