Hey, all you guitar nerds out there...

...check out this neat little solo clip, on the following link:


If you find this interesting enough, don't hesitate to contact me for tabs, and other guitar related nerd talk...it's always fun meeting like-minded people, regardless of age!

Patrik Gardberg
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Here's another work of (f)art:

This very solo was supposed to be included at approx. 9:24-9:40 on Solution .45's epic track "Clandestinity Now", from the debut album "For Aeons Past".

Unfortunately, it was outvoted, though it's still me who plays on that very spot, but with another solo version. Man, how frustrating it is to be "forced" to use a version of a musical piece that's not near as good as the other one!

Therefore, I'd like to share this "lost and forgotten" solo with ya'll:


Patrik Gardberg