The story behind the guitar is pretty amazing. I am getting the guitar back tonight after work! My mom's uncle recently passed at the tender age of 96 last summer. Well, she goes through his house and tells me he has a 1920's era classical guitar he use to play (but little did I know HOW much he played).

My great uncle Art got the guitar for his 12th birthday in 1926. I'm not sure if it was brand new when he had gotten it but either way the shape I took it in at wasn't bad at all.

So I take it to my local vintage instrument shop (Bernunzio's Uptown Music in Rochester NY) and ask how much it's worth and if it's worth getting restored to playing condition. I get a quote of $300-$500 and a couple month wait time due to a couple small cracks in the back, the bridge being pulled up a bit, tuning gears rusted and it being completely dried out. The guy doing the restoration said it took about a month and ten days for the wood to humidify fully.

BUT the story gets even better. So after telling my mom the restoration would be done in a week she said "Aw, Uncle Art would be so happy. He played the hell out of that thing". She then proceeds to tell me she sent original pictures back to his family in Missouri (we/he lived in Western NY) of my Great Uncle Art playing in Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope's USO Tour bands. I told her to write his family in Missouri to see if they could make copies ASAP.

I am so excited for this because as soon as she told me that I put the pieces together. Along with the guitar I found a 1950's guitar microphone (It's a Monarch Guitar Mic, complete and in great condition) that he use to have screwed into the top of the guitar. I could see a nice sized screw hole before I brought it in for restoration.

I will be posting pictures of the guitar tonight or tomorrow if anyone is interested in seeing it!
definitely interested! can't wait to see it. its still a NGD post. it's older than anyone on this site('cept maybe Cranky ).
NGD post?

The guy said it's gonna sound as good as anything from that era and will probably come close to drowning out most Dreadnaughts. The restoration will cost me (haven't paid for it yet BUT he did give me a better quote) $360-$400. I need to buy a gig bag for it for now though because they don't have any custom made cases in shop that fits it.

The guy had to glue a bunch of bracing back into place, the screws in the bridge were broken, cracks in the back and a screw hole in the top from the Monarch Guitar Mic. Other than that he said the restoration was a smooth one and EVERYTHING on the guitar is original.

I really cannot wait. Just typing this is hyping it even more for me.
New Guitar Day. for what you have invested in that baby, find a good hardshell on musicians froend or ZZsounds or something.it deserves something better than a gigbag.
all of here love to see the "new" babies. we don't often get to see ones like yours.
will we get to see this thing?? :O SHARE THE LOVE!!!! congrats btw
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