So I posted my story of the 1920's parlor sized Washburn guitar I am getting back from restoration tonight in the Acoustic/Classical forum. My question for you gear heads is have you ever heard of this brand and does it have value?

If you need the back up story on how I found this piece of gear please go to my thread in the Acoustic forum (title: So EXCITED!....)

Anyways it is a guitar microphone made by a Japanese company named Monarch. It's in complete shape (in original box etc.) and I looked on eBay for something similar and the closest I found was a Jazz pickup made by the same company, in an identical box but just a different model #. The seller was asking a buy it now of $300 and labeled the auction as a 1960's Jazz Pickup.....it didn't sell.

So my question is does any gear head here have any info on it? The place that is restoring my guitar had never heard or seen one of them so they couldn't help me. I know my Great Uncle used it because me and the restorer found a screw hole in the top of the guitar where my uncle one used it. You can tell it's vintage (simply IMO) because it wasn't a clamp on mic that is used today but you actually had to physically screw it into the guitar top.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!


Jason S.

P.S. I'll post pictures soon or later tonight
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BUMP! Still have yet to find ANYTHING on this.

umm... dude what are the odds that someone here would know about a mic that old and oscure? you might want to look for forums that are for recording and are frequented by people on a more pro level, even then you might strike out.
Quote by AiCPearlJam
BUMP! Still have yet to find ANYTHING on this.

i bet, that is pretty obscure stuff. you are gonna be hard pressed to find anything on this product.

back in the day, local dealers used to outsource work to Japan. so some vender in america comes up with a product line, sends the specs to japan and the they build it. some of this stuff is really hard (impossible) to find info on.

there is a good chance that the Monarch could be some kinda store brand. i used to own a Yasuma guitar, made by a big Japanese manufacturer rebranded for a vender's order. impossible to find info on.
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hmmmm, thanks for at least giving me some kind of info on why I can't find anything. I thought you could find info on almost anything on the super information highway, guess not lol
Also I highly doubt it's store brand because he used the mic when he played in Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra's USO bands back in the hay day. A lot of history to the guitar and mic.