I just tried Cocaine, and I gotta tell you about it.

Now, I had about 6 drinks (Jack Daniel's and Coca Cola) before I tried this, so that might affet the results.

I have snorter 0.5g so far, and the effects while high are nice I, not great, but nice.

After about 5 min your mouth will start to get numb and your tongue will itch. Atleast from this experince (now, this is the third drug I've tried, second if you count Weed and Hasch as one) so I started itching my tongue with my upper row teeth (sorry if my English isn't that great, it's my third language) and then 15 after snorting it, you will feel somewhat hyper, but 5 minutes later you will feel very hyper.

The king of the world feeling I've heard about is just a myth so far, now bear in mind this is the first time I've tried coke.

Now, the Come-Off, or whatever you may call it, is very unpleasent. I am an addict of Snus, which is a Swedish Smokeless Tobacco, which creates a lot of saliva, when you don't use it, you get thirsty, sweaty, depressed and you enter this thing I'd like to call the "I'd do anything for Nicotine" mode. Cocaine "withdrawal" or "come-off" if you've only tried it once, is a bit like the smokeless tobacco withdrawal, except you still feel quite hyper and some parts of your body itch quite a bit.

So in the end, this drug feels amazing when you're high, but the come-off is horrible and it lasts longer than the drugs effects.

Drink alcohol instead!
Now keep in mind, when reading the above, that English is my third language, and that I'm coming off Coke.
Sorry, no it's about Cocaine. If anyone can tell me if you can change the title and how, I would be grateful.
You had too much alcohol in your system, and it sounds like you got crap coke. Probably cut with all kinds of nastiness...
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Cocaine's a hell of a drug.

Sorry had to be done.
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wow, i bet you couldn't wait to tell the pit how much of a bad ass you are.
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You are a sick man, Riley.
We have a drug thread, and you'll get a much better response from the people who frequent that thread than the average pit user.
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Well, at the moment., the come-off, or whatever you wanna call it, is quite annoying, if you're addicted to something like Scandinavian Snus (I've only tried the American version once, and it wasn't even close to as goof as the Scandinavian Snus) it's a bit like a light withdrawal but without the sweating, diarrhea, depression, you name it. You just feel very hyper, while your body is regaining what it feels like without the slight pain-killing effect. Also I feel very thirsty.

Now keep in mind that this was my first try, so I dont know the difference between good and bad.
weed and hash? if youre talking about the hash i am, then its just another form of cannabis
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