Alright so a few days ago, my girlfriend bought a Schecter Diamond Series Omen-6 off a friend of hers for extremely cheap, I'm talking like $50 at the most and it's in pretty good condition, and she gave it to me as a surprise. The pickups in it look like basic stock pickups, nothing special. So would it be worth it for me to spend like $200 to put some EMGs in it? or will it be pointless?
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It's still a relatively cheap guitar. You'd be way better off saving the 200 and putting it towards a much better guitar. Just enjoy your surprise guitar!
Thats the thing, I've messed around on it since I got it yesterday, and it sounds alright, nothing special though. But I know everyone talks about how EMG's are amazing and really improve your sound so I was wondering if it would be worth putting them in.

And I have the money to spend. I was actually thinking about buying Schecter Hellraiser C-1, but since I was given this guitar, I could save some money and just put some EMG's in it to improve the sound.
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It's still a relatively cheap guitar. You'd be way better off saving the 200 and putting it towards a much better guitar. Just enjoy your surprise guitar!

I was thinking that too. I already have an Epiphone Les Paul Prohecy, and a cheaper Ibanez, and was thinking about getting a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 sometime soon. I might just do like you said and save the $200 and buy that Hellraiser, and just keep the Schecter I got like it is.
EMGs is not your only choice you know, if you want to improve it a bit start with just getting one good quality pickup from any brand, might not even cost you 100 bucks and give you a good improvement
Start with the bridge pickup. How about a Dimarzio X2N? That's my favourite.
It's an aquired taste, but once you've tasted it you'll never look at emg's again
EMG's are amazing....if that's the sound you're looking for.

They are NOT the Holy Grail of tone, simply another tone tool.

They will NOT, in and of themselves, "improve your sound", that's your job.

What, exactly, are you trying to get, tone wise? Give us as much detail as possible and perhaps we can suggest a pickup or set that will help you get there.
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Throw those in there. About 70$ for a set and will improve the sound enough for the omen to be usable. That leaves you with 130 extra dollars to save up for that Hellraiser (Have to recommend the Blackjack Atx over the Hellraiser though.) Good luck.
Do you like how the guitar plays? Does it feel good in your hands? Those are the only questions that matter - if you enjoy playing it, then of course you should upgrade it.

Also tell us what amp you have and what kind of tones you want to get and we can tell you what pickups would be good.
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