Hi guys, my band are looking to test out some symphonic ideas in a few songs. Anything with pianos/violins/harps/maybe some percussion would be cool. Looking for sounds similar to Traces, Abigail Williams, Xerath. I'm a mac user so must be able to work on that through logic.

Free would be nice but not essential!

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If it's just to test the ideas out, why not just use the ones that come with Logic? I've used them sparingly before in mixes and for bundled soft-synths they're pretty good Don't get me wrong, it's not pro-quality sound with a lot of the instruments, and the patches can take a bit of tweaking to actually get sounding a bit more realistic, but for demoing stuff you should be fine with the tons of instruments Logic provides.
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I use Miroslav Philharmonik by IK Multimedia. They have sick orchestral sections, as well has a ton of really nice solo instruments in there. Their violins have really nice vibrato, which is why I use them, and I think you can have up to 16 instruments playing at once
I've been using the logic ones for a while now, but we were interested to see what else was on offer! I've actually heard of the Philharmonik one before, might check it out. Thanks guys!
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NI Session Strings Pro is absolutely incredible. Not sure if it's available as an AU though.
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EWQL Symphonic Orchestra is incredible, very pricey, but well worth it, if you get the Complete Composer's Collection ^_^
East West Quantum Symphonic Orchestra is ****ing awesome in my opinion. Come with horns, strings, percussion and most instruments u need.
EWQL is the best I've heard, but the price and size will probably be total overkill.

For price, low memory footprint (100MB install) and ease of use, Edirol Orchestral is absolutely superb and would be my recommendation for casual use and experimentation.
I've heard nothing but good things about EWQL, very far out of my price range though!

I used to use Edirol Orchestral too, but I don't think it works on a mac?
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The ones that come with logic are in my opinion better than anything you are going to get for free.

In fact, I personally like the ones that come with logic more than EWQL. Because I hate that the EWQL samples have reverb on them that I can't remove.

If EWQL is far out of your price range you probably can't do better than the ones that come with logic imo.
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