So if your speaker cab is rated for a max of 120 watts, could you use a 150 watt amp and just not crank it super high? I don't plan to do this but I've just always wondered.
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You could if you needed to, but I wouldn't do it for a rig or permanent setup. I like extra wattage on the cab bc I turn my amp all the way up and use the guitar volume control bc it sounds better and gives you more flexibility.
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I wouldn't do it long term. Having extra speaker wattage will keep your speakers from distorting. This is helpful if you want to play high gain stuff.
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if you keep it very low, it'd probably be ok. like if you were playing it in a bedroom situation or something like that.

i wouldn't want it for anything like gigs or anything like that. most tube amps are probably putting out more than their rated wattage when cranked, so it's hard to know exactly how much it's putting out at any particular point on the dial. also different speaker manufacturers rate their speakers' wattage differently (some conservative, some more optimistic) so you have to bear that in mind, too. Celestions rated at 120 might even be ok with a 150 watter cranked (though i wouldn't chance it)... eminence or something like that (which have the rep of rating more optimistically) i wouldn't even really want to put the rated wattage through it cranked.
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yes you can. as long as you aren't absolutely cranking the amp, you should be okay. I wouldn't do it permanently, but as a fix it would certainly work