I just bought an ART EQ 351 and I absolutely love it. I play rhythm guitar in a metalish band and would like some educated tips and pointers. I'll post a list of the gear that I'm using at the bottom and a link to hear what we sound like.
-Engl Powerball V2
-Art PS 4x4 Power conditioner
-Korg DTR 1000
-ART 351 EQ
-ISP Decimator ProRackG
-Mesa Boogie Roadking 412 straight Oversized (V30's Closedback/Black Shadows Openback)
-Ibanez S (Bareknuckle Aftermath in the Bridge)

Check out the song Chasing Skylines it's more Rhythm based.


I would just like to know what each band is for and what to cut!
To everyone that posts thank you very much!
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Nice list of equipment ya got there.

Personal experience without diving into a scientifical explanation (which God knows I can't do)...whenever your lead guitarist starts doing his thing you don't want your bands overall sound to drop in thickness. You and the bass player should be the majority of the "ballsy" sound, the lead guitarist should be the cherry on top of the cupcake. So EQ with more mids and lows in mind without making your tone muddy. Your lead guitarist needs to do the inverse of that and not overpower your lower tone. In my first metal band I had the better equipment and so unfortunately I had a fuller tone than the rythm guitarist so when I played leads the sound just dropped exponentially. You on the other hand wont have that problem. So just play around with that idea in mind. I'll let all the scientist on here give a more detailed explanation.
On a scale from 1-10
Go about 6-8 mids
Same with bass
Then set treble to 3-5
With the mids up you get a full sound for rhythm. Even if you scoop when you are playing at home jamming or whatever. When playing in a band you need the mids.
Thanks for all the feedback guys I have band practice today so I'll be sure to experiment with what you both said!

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Extra like. That's some sick sound you guys got. It sounds good to me.
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