Heya guys...
well i have a great confusion as both the processors which are gonna get compare here is amazing in sound and tone and are different in their own ways..so here we go !!

Line 6 PODXT live or Boss ME25 ??

reply with your views and comments on why do u feel so..

thank ya
Easy, line 6 wins. Boss will sound thin and fizzy, the pod can sound fuller and crunchier. Depends what you want and sure, you can easily make the pod sound crap also if you don't know what you're doing but no contest from me. If you haven't already check out pod vids on youtube, there are some helpful people out there!
They're both good, but honestly. The Line 6 has the boss beat.
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Line 6 > Boss
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Neither the POD XT Live nor the ME-25 is a ''processor'' in the usual sense of the term. One is a modelling unit and the other is a multi-effect. Also, the POD XT Live is no longer made - it's been replaced by the HD line, which is closer to a normal processor.

Anyway, they do different things and are used in different ways - you've not told us how you intend to use this or what you want to get out of it, so any ''votes'' are meaningless. If you could tell us what amp, guitar and other effects you use, what you play and what you want to get out of a processor and why you're looking at these two units specifically, I (and I'm sure others) could offer some worthwhile advice. What sounds good through one amp and one style of playing won't necessarily sound good with another rig and another player. Some units do effects well and amp simulation poorly, others are the opposite. What is ''best'' depends on what the rest of your gear is and how you intend to use it.
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i would not overlook a higher end zoom. i messed around with a buddies cheapie zoom (80 buck version) and thought it was one of the best multi effects ive used. i actually liked some of the sounds (which is a surprise).

ive plugged into just about every line 6 pod in GCs and thought they were complete garbage. i just thought i needed to tweak settings. 3o min later i still couldnt get a good drive tone...done. nope.

however i am impatient and biased against multieffects so perhaps i am not giving them thier fare share. but i did think almost every effect on the zoom was tweakable enough to the point i would consider using it....