So I would like to know your opinion on these amps. I'm getting a new amp this summer and I'm wondering what to buy.

I am a casual player, I don't do gigs, I sometimes play at parties and such. I'm the the greatest, but I'm probably above average or advanced depending on your criteria. I am very versatile in my playing:
I play Brian Setzer, a couple of Pantera songs, I want to learn some Iron Maiden (fear of the dark solo specifically is my next song), I recently finished Mr. Crowley's solo and finally I love X Japan's solos.

Now, I didn't write all that for nothing, I am mostly (almost exclusively) a lead guitar player and I want an amp that can play every style adequately. I know my best shot at this is with solid state amps.

I was wondering what would be the best choice between the Fender Mustang III or the Roland cube 40-XL? or is the another solid state amp In the same price range that is better then those?

Thanks a lot for your help
I've played both, and I can say that generally speaking, the Fender does the clean and low gain sounds very well, but lacks slightly in the higher gain sounds. The Cube is good at high gain models, and the cleans aren't too shabby either. Six of one, half a dozen of the other really.
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The cube..the mustage is limited in its ability to emulate certain sounds...both have dent tone, but I like the cube bettter.
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I'd go with the Mustang personally. The interface seems a little daunting at first but it's got a *LOT* of options. I've got the Cube 80XL and while the high-gain tones you can get from it and the effects are quite nice, the delay isn't all that great(I don't think you can get it to repeat more than twice), and all the channels that weren't Extreme seemed a little on the mushy side even with the treble and presence cranked(I have my treble and presence cranked, my gain at about 2 o'clock, my mids at 2 o'clock and my bass at 10 o'clock, and have tried 5 or 6 different guitars through it, none of them really cut it for me on the lower-gain settings and I ended up just using my volume knob, which affects the sustain and stuff to my ears).

Now, that's not to say the Cube's not a nice amp. I'd go try them both out, but I think they're the nicest solid-state amps with effects(Randall's RX series is really nice for a solid-state amp IMO but no effects cept reverb on them to knowledge). Cheers!
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Mustang. Sounds closest to a tube that a SS modeling amp can.
I used a mustang yesterday, and IMHO it was a simple enough interface, but the gain was severly lacking...

If you want substantial gain, go with the the cube.

If gain takes a backseat preference (think like 4th or 5th on the list of what is needed) then the mustang might be for you. The cube handles cleans well enough, but definately does better in the gain department.
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If you want gain, Roland Cube or Vox VT. I think they are clearencing out the Vibro Champ fenders for $150, great pick up for a tube amp with digital effects.

You can always throw a distortion/overdrive pedal in front of it.
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Make sure you don't buy a mustang with the fizz. Mine has it and its very frustrating.
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I have a Mustang I and I love it.
I've played cubes, mustangs, and VTs.

Mustang is definitly the worst out of the three when it comes to gain. A Vox VT 20 might be your best bet. They are around the same price as a Mustang I, have alot of effects and amp models and VERY tube sounding tones.

But nothing is as versatile as the Mustang I. Sure, it's gain may be lacking, but other than that it is perfect.
I would go with the cube because of this.
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