Hi everyone, did this recording tonight. Would really appreciate some comments, like I say in the title, I'm trying to find my own sound now, I love using reverse and like to have a bit of an electronic feeling, but also want the core of my songs to be guitar. Have tried experimenting with drums with mixed results, so left them off this track. Please have a listen and let me know what you think

This sounded great very mellow and chill I love it. It has a lot of feeling great idea using reverse it blended really well with everything. Nothing I can say to improve on it rather then drums but you already knew that xD

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I like it.
Pretty trippy.
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This is nice. It's extremely relaxing and very uplifting. It reminds me of that folktronica band The Books a lot, which is a very good thing. Near the end it has a cool Eastern vibe. Man...the next time I'm watching a sunrise at a beach I think I'll have to listen to this, man. Properly good stuff!

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Sounds great! Love the vibe, and real nice tones.

How do you get that sound that comes in at like 46 seconds? I think it's panned to the front right speaker. Sounds kind of like a vintage synth organ type thing? Would really appreciate it if you could tell me, as it's a sound I've heard in songs and always wanted to use, but didn't know how.

Real nice stuff!
Wow thanks for all the great comments, really nice to hear what people think. I'll look at what drums to start introducing - sometimes I think I want electronic, sometimes I think I should just smack a tambourine and clap! I'll give The Books a listen to ARom, never heard of them before (just listening to "Enjoy your worries...", very cool sound they've got going!)

Daniel, the chords in the background are just the electric organ setting on a yamaha keyboard I nabbed from my sister. I ran it through my amp (line 6 spider) and mic'd it up with my sm57, think I just ran it through the clean setting with some reverb. Did the same for the piano parts and then duplicated the track and reversed each part, panned left and right.

I'll look at the two tracks and leave feedback in the two threads
This sounds really great, every melody blends nicely with the rest. I find that hard sometimes when I record stuff.

I like the mood a lot and I think ARom22 is right about watching a sunrise along with this music haha. Are you adding anything else besides drums? I'm looking forward to hearing it again with drums. But be careful with those, make sure they go in and blend nicely without mixing up the mood of the whole song. As it is, I like it a lot.

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Thanks for comments, might experiment with drums for this but likely to leave it and wait for next recording. Going to pick up a copy EZdrummer soon so will get my drums sorted then. I want to put a short album of instrumentals out this summer so kind of feel like I'm getting myself sorted for then, if that makes sense! I'll have a listen to yours now