I recently purchased a Washburn WD27SCE. I've never really messed around with acoustic guitars much as I've only been able to borrow acoustic guitars in the past. Anyway, I was at guitar center looking at a bunch of D'Addario strings and I picked up a pick of the EXP coated 80/20 bronze strings (.12s) as the pack said they offer a brighter sound. They do, and they are great strings, but I think I want something deeper if that makes sense. I looked at all of the D'Addario strings and some of them said they offer a deeper sound, but I don't know how far down the spectrum I should go, and how much of a difference it is. I also don't know how much the actual guitar influences the sound. I don't want all the bright to go away, but I want a thicker sound.

I realize I may not be explaining what I want well enough, so I will do my best to clarify if needed.
Well sir, as someone who loves D'addario strings and that's all I use I'll tell ya what I got. I've tried almost all the varieties of their acoustic strings and I've settled at my favourite. I use The Phosphor Bronze Mediums (.013-.056). They claim to be right in the middle between bright and mellow tone, which may be what you're looking for. Here's a link
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I actually had those in my hand before i found the ones I am currently using. I shall try those out, thanks for the tip!
i was a big fan of elixir coated strings. last forever and have an awesome tone and feel