I found these speakers under the "heavy metal" sound section of the Eminence site, and they sound pretty kickass.

Taken right from the Eminence page:
"Bright mids and highs and a tight bottom end give make for some solid American tone. Ideal for a one or 2x12"" open-back setup. 75W RMS handling, 150W peak. 8 ohm impedance. Features Explosive highs and mids, and a punchy bottom end Great for Southern rock, college rock, metal, and grunge"

Any thoughts on them? Dave at Avatar said he has never heard anything about them so I am super curious now..Anyone use them before?
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i haven't tried them, but i'm not sure that tone guide section of the eminence site is much use. it's a bit like the dimarzio and duncan pickup wizards. it's a far better idea to email the company for personally-tailored advice.
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