So I'm working on getting ready for a first open mic and I just want an opinion. were doing 2 songs on acoustic guitar and bass. the first is waiting room by fugazi, we got a pretty sweet acoustic rendition I'm pretty proud of.

The second song im not so sure. We want to do Mr. Jones by counting crows. I've been to a couple open mics, but I dont want to play a song that gets played a lot, and havnt been to enough to really judge it. so Mr. Jones? yay or nay?
Everyone plays Adele at open mic nights, you'll be fine
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Play whatever you want to play, people mostly go to open mics for their own gaining. The other people might say things like "nicely played" or something, but the only thing they care about is their own performance. It might of course be people who are genuinly interested in what the other people plays, but mostly they only care about their own thing. Play what you want, see the open mic as an opportunity to practice playing live.
Suggest Me A Song thread. An 04er should know that.
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I'm not looking for your song suggestions. Just wondering if mine was an alright one.
Id say play it. yea, it is a bit cliche i suppose. But, its a good song.
Hey, most people dont remember who counting crows are anymore anyway. (in my experience)
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Just figured I'd give an update to anyone who cared or wants to do their own open mic. I ended up writing a song, and doing my rendition for Waiting room by Fugazi. It was awesome(although the majority of the crowd was highschool kids who had clearly never heard of fugazi before) but they seemed to dig it and it was a blast. Really made me want to start performing