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i think a puzzle piece headstock would look tacky. id go for something nice and clean cut, and then inlay a big contrasting colour puzzle piece into the middle, in the same look as the 12th fret inlay.
whatcha doing with this when its finished?
This build is awesome!
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For the headstock I would do something that is like strato style but the edges at the top are fading in pieces of puzzles (small ones)...I hope it's understandable what I mean.
My vote is for a simple, les paul-ish headstock. Don't do the puzzle piece thing, for the love of god!
do a veneer of smaller puzzle pieces in the same types of wood on a normal headstock. NOT the puzzle-piece shaped headstock.
Decided to go for a simple headstock in the end, I think I might veneer it with some black ebony and inlay a single puzzle piece, basically just like the fretboard, but we'll see!

Made a template

Glued up some wings

Went at it with the handplane

Rough cut on the bandsaw

Routed to shape

Also made a new fret bender today as my last one was a bit rubbish, fretting and neck carving next week!

Leave the headstock and put an ebony puzzle piece inlay instead.
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Leave the headstock and put an ebony puzzle piece inlay instead.

This. It would be a huge shame to cover up that wood.
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It would be a huge shame to cover up that wood.

It'll still be seen from the back if I do that though, but I guess I'll see how I feel later in the week

Awesome headstock shape, I can never seem to redesign a simple yet really clean and good looking shape...
or instead of covering any of it up just put the puzzle piece on the TRC.

Unfortunately I will be inlaying my logo onto the trc. I think I will veneer it with ebony, you'll still see it from the back so I'm not concerned. Might even chamfer it slightly so the ebony flows into the neck timbers. I'm doing it because Im not happy with how far my truss rod slot comes up the headstock, not sure why I did that really, but regardless, I think it's ugly, so time to cover it up!

Did some stuff today

Resawed my slots to full depth

Rolled up some wire

Did the old scatter lee treatment on the fret ends with the belt sander

So that they wont be seen

Tapped in with a nylon hammer. Getting there

Glued the ends and clamped them all down

Filed the ends flush

Filled the gaps left by belt sanding the fret tangs with black filler and ebony dust


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Also marked out the lines for the first facets for carving the neck, about 1/2 neck thickness on the side, and about 1/3 neck width across the back

I'll start roughing these out tomorrow

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Thanks Boysie, yeah works pretty well definitely worth a go

n1ckn1ce Yes indeed it's purpleheart, I love the stuff

Sorry ended up getting in the zone while carving the neck and consequently have a lack of pictures, but I did it through the facet method, starting with about a 38 degree angle down the length of the neck, then smaller angles to take off the edges, then scrape/sand smooth. Ended up with this

Also got some mail!

Ghost piezo bridge, I can't believe how light the bridge itself is it seems crazy since I usually associated weight with quality. It's very nice however

A couple more boxes; Pups, chrome rings, some ebony veneer, gotoh mini rotomatics in black, screws and springs etc

This is the preamp I'll be trying to use, a artec MB-1 blending preamp, should be interesting


Did some work today, veneered some ebony over the headstock, and a 45 degree angle on the top so you could see the back timbers, unfortunately you can see the glue line in the ebony at the top there, so I'm hoping a bit of black dye will get rid of that drilled for very recessed tuners, might sand around the holes to smooth out the transition but we'll see

And finally a bit of union between body and neck, I really like these moments, shows you that your moving forward


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That Veneer is beautiful.
This has been an unbelievable cool build. This'll really be something to be proud of. Great conversation piece too.
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Very nice, looking good!
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Looks great! Glad you didn't go with the puzzle headstock piece, that would of been a bit to much.
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well done, the neck looks great with the body, really wanting to see this finished
Awesome. I am very happy you didn't go with the puzzle headstock that you were thinking of originally, I really didn't like it.
Thank you for the kind words, I've been thinking of doing away with the puzzle piece knobs and going with some simple ebony knobs to match the fretboard, would anyone agree with this?

I'd agree with that. I think puzzle piece knobs would be irritation to turn efficiently. Now if you could make a dome knob with a puzzle piece inset on the top that would be quite nice.
yeh, I think it would look more elegant and less gimmicky
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Thank god you went for a non gimmicky headstock. Looks sexy as hell.

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That's inspirational. It's absolutely brilliant and my fave build on here by far!

You may end up having to build these for people....
It looks sick, but im sort of losing my love for the puzzle thing. No doubt, the woodwork is incredible, but it is a little much to look at as a guitar. I think having a pickguard or something like that would help to break up the pattern? Maybe you're already planning for it, not sure. anyways, the neck looks so refined that next to it, the body looks sort of goofy, like there wasn't much thought put into it. It could be because of the balance of black between the two. Just my .02, take it or leave it.
No worries C_Hart everyones allowed an opinion. I did think about doing a small ebony pickguard, and I'm definitely going to do some simple ebony knobs now, but I think It'll all tie in a bit better once I've got some hardware on there, there'll be more black on the body then, so I guess we'll see. Thanks anyway

Did a couple of things over the past couple of days, tried out my nice new logo inlays I got engraved, basically stole the idea off hufschmid guitars, I like it, think I might just stick with doing it this way

Might fill the letters with black epoxy to match things a bit better later.

First coat of tru-oil on the neck bought out the colours quite nicely