Here's a thing I wrote a while ago. Sort of a pop rock type ballad; little bit of a Rush influence in the bridge. I'm also terrible at naming anything, so it's as of yet untitled.

Hope you like it. Please leave feedback. C4C. All that jazz.
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Thanks for the crit man.

I quite liked it, the mood was nice and the lead melodies were pretty catchy for the most part. I quite liked the chords used throughout as well. There's a fair few things I liked in the song like the rising bass in bar 73-74, but I figured it's more important to let you know what I thought was wrong.

I thought the bend at the start of bar 12 sounded a little odd, maybe it's just me. The quiet section at bar 91 was one of my favourite parts, but I think it needed to happen earlier because everything before has a really similar feel and sound, it starts to get repetitive. Not sure about some notes in the solo at bar 139, a fair few didn't sound right to me, especially in bar 148-149. I could be entirely wrong, but it just didn't sound great to me.

That chorus-y lead melody that you used again just before the outro began to sound annoying at that point to be honest, it's that kinda 'whiny' sound(the bend on 15) that I think shouldn't be repeated so often, I think you could just vary it up a bit more, kinda like how you did in the intro, like throw in a few quick short runs or just change the direction of the melody, as in like, go up in pitch.

I'm sure it'd sound much better and less repetitive with vocals but I think it needs a little work. It's alright so far though.
I really liked the intro, very happy uplifting mood to it and you transition to the next part pretty well. I also liked the string stuff you got going on.

Bar 67 was a nice change of pace, but then that doesn't last too long. I like that riff you keep going back to that starts again at bar 76, but I think you should at least change it up some because its starting to get boring at this point.
I don't really like the clean guitar riff that starts at bar 107, it just doesn't really feel too right.
The thing with the lead guitar starting at bar 139 was p rad, although there were some problems with it. I think the 139-141 on the lead could be done a bit better and bar 148 just sounds off, especially that C note.

Overall it was pretty decent though, keep it up. If you wouldn't mind returning the favor https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1518401

EDIT: I realized you probably don't have RSE so my song would probably sound like crap, sooooo I guess you don't really need to critic back because my song wouldn't sound right
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Thank you to both of you for the crits.

As far as your concerns with the main theme go, I agree, actually. I figured I'd get a second opinion before I went in and changed it. The same goes for your criticism of the second verse getting repetitive, Seb1uk.

Regarding your comments on the solo though, that's really just my style. I have a pretty strange ear for leads, and I hate sticking strictly to a scale for them. I play a lot of notes that technically aren't "right," but to me, it sounds good. That's just a matter of opinion, though, and I can definitely see where you're coming from.

I'll try reworking the song a bit and posting a revised version sometime soon. Thanks again. Also, Joshua, sorry I'm not able to crit your song