I'm playing a bit of Slayer these days but I haven't learned any solos yet. I'm wondering what the easiest one to learn is? Thanks.

(I hope this is the right place to ask this.)
Bloodline? I actually got to play that song with Kerry at a Masterclass thing, and it's really just noises with INTENSE wah, then like 2 notes at the end. But I never thought the solos in seasons in the abyss (the song) were too hard.
Slayer? Solo? Ha.
I can only listen to so many breakdowns and "spoken word" vocals before I wanna puke.

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thats a funny question....most of slayer's solos (as bad ass as they are) are more or less just noise and shit, with not alot of real structure..especially kerry's stuff (Lots of whammy-ed harmonics and jeff does most of the really fast picking/more technical type stuff). i don't think anyone can play alot of their solos they same way they do...everyone plays a guitar different. u could go out and buy kerry or jeff's exact rig and u wouldn't sound like them..similar but not quite the same. just learn alot of minor pentatonic/diatonic stuff and play it fast as shit.
Riffage of Slayers improves your skills, learning the solos of Slayer ****s it up makes itself a sandwich in the kitchen, dont you even think about learning that.
Depending on your view, either all of them or none of them. If you like slayer and want to play their solos like they do, it will be insanely tough regardless of what song it is. The timing is so erratic that it's nearly impossible to get it right. But if you don't like slayer, you will probably just view it as noise, which is very easy to do and could still sound slayer-like.
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Start by learning a Slayer song without a solo, like Postmortem. That'll get you into their playing style. Then try Raining Blood and after that try the tapping solo in Seasons in the Abyss, it's not too hard... \m/
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I play enough Slayer to know their style. Raining Blood doesn't have a solo. Just an outro with whammy wails over the top. I'll try the Seasons solo.
Try something short, not very complicated, but still something that makes sense. Something like the solo after the first chorus of Flesh Storm (from Christ Illusion album). That's the first one that came to my mind.
i wouldnt recommend learning a solo from these guys, they are great but come on...i think is mostly harmonics and effects
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i wouldnt recommend learning a solo from these guys, they are great but come on...i think is mostly harmonics and effects

The only effect they usually use for solos is wah pedal, and they also use tremolo on their Kahler bridges a lot.
Kerry's solo on War Ensemble.
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To be honest, Raining Blood was actually one of the first songs i learned to play overall :P And that was only because i heard it on Skate and liked it, i wasn't even into Slayer at that point.

Ofcourse, there's no solo in that song so it isn't that difficult. But give that song a go, if you can play that all the way through, move on to another song that has a little/mini solo in that isn't too complicated. Then move on to a song with a nice solo in that you fancy playing and have a crack at it. If it's too hard or taking you too long to master, move on to another.
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When I cover Slayer, I just rape my whammy bar and play random chromatic runs. That covers Kerry, and some of Jeff's more mindless stuff.
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Kerry's solo on War Ensemble.

Yeah, that's a good one. Solo on Killing Fields is very good too.