Which one is better among the new RGD 421 BKF with basswood body vk1 &vk2 pickups & Ibanez RGA 32 mol with mahogany cap lz10 & cap lz 20 pick ups?????? i play all kind of music from Hard rock, progressive to metal..............
Just to clarify, the RGA32 is a full mahogany body.

Personally I like the specs of the RGA32 more, and the arched top body, and it plays decently. However I do enjoyed the RGA72 a Lot more than the RGA32. I ended up buying one that has a tremolo, and changed the pickups out to Duncan Blackouts. And got rid of that horrible "active EQ" thing. Didn't cost me that much more either, and I got myself a killer guitar. There is however one that don't have a trem either. Shit looks cash, man.
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RGA72 is out of my budget , Got money to buy RGA 32 or The RGD 421. Heard RGD 421 is new 2012 model thats present in only few stores While RGA 32 is a 2011 model ..........which one is good for All kind of music???? i kind of like both
Haven't played the rgd, so I can't comment on that one,
but I own a rga and at first was really disappointed by the sound I got from it.
Throwing out all the electronics and a pickup change cleared that out
I tried all of my pickups I have laying around, liked the Duncan sh-8 in the bridge and the sh-6 in the neck position. Currently I only use the bridge, so I put the Alx in there with the boost and all, that's staying!
but i heard that RGA 32 come with New Cap lz10 & cap lz20 pickups, Are they any good ????
rga32 is discontinued oh lord shiva/ram look into rga42 costs like 26k inr
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what about RGD421 ????? is it good compared to RGA models.....................BTW Ibanez site and there manual shows RGA32 is still produced.
have no idea what the used market is like where you live, but you could be patient and find a used rga121 prestige for around $600.
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Used market ain't good here have to go for new one............. So Ibanez RGA 32 is better than RGD 421????? bit confused yet
What tunings are you going to be using?
I'd go with the rgd if you downtune alot for the longer scale.
Whats better is subjective.
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but i heard that RGA 32 come with New Cap lz10 & cap lz20 pickups, Are they any good ????

I have a RGA72QM with these pickups, and would say they are pretty pretty good. Fat warm tone.