Just saw the ZW strings..particularly interested in the acoustic ones..how do they measure up to D'addario phosphor bronze strings?

also saw his signature electric set..how do they measure up to the Ernie Ball Slinky's (Any)?
I haven't used the acoustics, but I came upon the electric sig set long ago, and I absolutely loved them, especially the ones with the .70 bottom, lovely for C-standard. Although in my younger, stupider days I also used them for D-standard, with no kind of setup, and I'm not sure how my guitar survived :P. I've since graduated to the elixir baritone set, but for feel and thickness, they were awesome. What I particularly liked to do was replace G with a .24 D, for that woulnd feel, use the G for the B, and the B for the e.
Buy them for yourself and find out!

We can not tell you the difference between two string sets. Strings are personal preference.