so i deicided to paint my old dean electric guitar but i just wanna make sure that am going to do this right

is this all the stuff i need?
black spray (for original color)
gold spray (the color i want it to be)
and clear coat (once i finish painting)
i also want a logo on it so am gonna use tape

the problem is i don't know where to get clear coat, black spray and the gold spray (i wanted the gold like the gibson gold top)

anyone know cheap brands, where i can find them, or if i can order online and if am missing anything?

i looked into this website http://reranchstore.stores.yahoo.net/goldtopgold.html
but its 16 for paint and 11 for shipping...and still gonna need the black and clear...help me please
When you say black spray, do you mean primer, or are you going to paint the back and sides black?
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sand the finish off to bare wood up to 180 or 220, then tape off the top and paint the sides/back with black till its thick enough for you, and flat. Then tape the sides, and spray the gold on the top till its flat/thick enough, then spray it all with some clear coats.
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Krylon makes black, white, and clear spray lacquer. I've never used it but it's a lot cheaper than the Reranch product. I doubt it's a nitrocellulose lacquer though. It retails for about $5-$6 for a 12oz can. Krylon has a decent spray tip on their cans too usually.

Keep in mind the Reranch goldtop lacquer has actual bronze powder in it, which is why it's so expensive.
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Well i wanted to paint it all black then put the tape for graphic and paint it all gold even back and side so should i buy the primer and clear from kryon and get the gold from reranch?
So gold with a black outlined design?

Go to walmart, they have everything you need there, and you will need a clear gloss. You dont want to go too cheap, rustolium *rustoleum?* works very good. I have never used it on guitars but I have used it on dressers, nightstands, and tables. If you want it to really shine you might want to try looking for a gold metal flake.

You will also want a hobby knife, this would be to cut the design out of the tape you use.
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