I am trying to complete the recording of my original song this weekend. I've put a ton of working into writing the song and I really don't want the mix to bring it down.

I need anybody, whether you know anything about mixing or not, to listen to my current 'demo' and comment. Anything sound weird or off? If you can, suggesting ways to fix things are quite helpful as well.

Part Hero by Tmusician

This is just the first section, it has bass guitar and electric guitars (Guitar Rig 5), drums (Presonus Firestudio, 8-track), and vocals (Presonus Firestudio) all recorded into Reaper. The only 'FX' I've used are compression and EQ, gates on some drum mics, and reverb on the vocals. I only recorded one line of vocals because I couldn't get it to sound good, hopefully someone can help me with that.