I purchased an Eminence Governor for my 6505+ 112 a few months ago and I just keep going back and forth between liking it and sometimes I'm just "meh." It just seems to have a little too much in the upper-mids/highs department, and maybe not enough low-mids.

I've experimented with removing the back of my combo and that seems to bring out the lows considerably, but at the expense of tightness. I've thought about making a new back for the amp with a vent-hole to see what that does. I've re-installed my Sheffield to compare and it definitely has that low-end "oomph" that I like, and the clarity is not all that much worse.

Overall, I'm just not sure the Gov has the sound I'm going for. Ideally, I would put it into a better 2 or 4X12 cab and it might come to life a little better. But for now, I have to stick with a 1X12 and I might be able to sell it and buy a Swamp Thang. By all accounts, the Swamp Thang sounds like it might be just what I'm after...

So, is there something wrong with my ears? Or is that just how they sound? The Gov is supposed to be like a V30 which is always recommended for the 5150/6505 family of amps - but at least in the 112 enclosure it doesn't have enough balls for me.
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you could try a few diff speakers

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^^The problem is, I can't really 'try' a lot of different speakers without spending a lot of money. I'd kind of like to get it right THIS TIME.

I guess another question I have would be, would it be worth it to hold onto my Governor and pair it up with a lower-mid/low end voiced speaker when I can afford a larger cab, or should I just sell it and get something I like better right now? Honestly, I don't know when I'll be able to afford a new cab, or even build one. But I figure I could get approximately 80% of the retail value back on this speaker, then drop a little cash for something else.

Also, how much different will that Gov sound in a better cabinet? Or will it always have that upper-mid/grainy sound regardless of the cab? It's so hard to get an accurate sample of how a speaker will sound on your own personal setup...it's practically worthless to listen to sound clips on Youtube unless they're through the same amp and the same style of music.

I have yet to hear a Swamp Thang in my amp, playing metal riffs, for example. The sound clips I've found are always somebody playing it through a different amp, with a Strat, and bluesy/rock riffs. Doesn't exactly help me...
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i could make some clips of my swamps doing metal, but i dont have a 5150, nor an amp that sounds like one.

For what it's worth, I really like my swamps. Tons of low end, even in my emperors which are closed back. They have kinda of weird dry high end with clean sounds, it's tough to describe, but they remain clear and arent overly boomy or muddy by any means. They pair with other speakers really well too.
^^I would appreciate that, even though you have a different amp. I just really want to hear how they sound with high-gain and palm-muting/general metal techniques.
Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
(My Soundcloud page):

Pestilential Flood
i haven't tried the gov, but i have v30s, and that sounds like them. sounds like you just don't like them and/or they don't suit your amp.

did you email eminence before getting the governor? if you haven't, i'd recommend emailing them now.

i have a texas heat and it has a lot more of a lower mid character- it's chunky. but that might be overkill in the other direction.
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A wizard is probably a good bet, I'm ordering one of them sometime in the next few weeks to pair up with my V12 under my Jet City.
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