Depends on how much you want it. My guess (and with a quick google search) it would be somewhere from $300-600. I don't know how that translates to your currency but unless you really want your bass to be perfect, it seems too pricey.
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You could always stain the rosewood. I read something earlier today which said that leather stain can be wire-wooled off of the frets afterwards.
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Are you after the tone or the look? if it's the tone you want, that's not enough of a difference to be worth the money. If it's the look, just use some black leather stain
Sorry for the massive delay. Its a tone thing for me. I like the attack I get from Ebony. Rosewood is too dull for my taste. My bass is pretty valuable to me though. Its my first bass pretty much and its signed by Victor Wooten. So Id rather upgrade it than replace it.