See the pic!

PS: the guitar is an Am Std Fender Strat, i restrung it with 10-46 strings, and there are 3 winds on every tuner.
The 5th and 6th strings don't need to be at much of an angle over the nut. As long as they're not going in a completely straight line, flat over the nut, you're fine. It's only really the 1st 2nd and sometimes 3rd strings that need a noticable break angle. Having all of the strings angled well over the nut certainly isn't bad but it won't make any noticable difference to the 5th and 6th strings.
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Your picture shows the G string wound low on the tuner pole and the low E high on the pole.... if you wind the low E and A lower, you'll have more angle. Regardless, you shouldn't have a problem.