Okay, so I played John's sig guitar at Guitar Center and fell in love with the sound. I just acquired a Fender Strat, but the pickups kind of feel lacking. They sound good, but not for what I want. I like the saturated cleans you get from the underwound mid-scooped pickups in the JM sig, and was wondering what pickups will give me that same sound. I, of course, could order the exact pickups on ebay for $300+, but I'm not going to, so what are some cheap(er) alternatives to the big dipper pickups that will give that thick, over-saturated, vintage clean tone?

EDIT: Also, I like the tone of the Fender Classic Series 50's strat, so any pickups that sound like that are welcomed as well.
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I'm sure with the extensive range of lace sensor, dimarzio and seymour duncan single coils and stacked hum cancelling single coils, you can find something like the Mayer pickups. I'd email Dimarzio/SD or even better ask on their respective forums - the members there (especially SD forums) are very well informed
Klein jazzy Cat pickups are modeled after John Mayer's pups. They go for 250 from them. maybe you can find them on ebay or something cheaper.
Okay, I don't exactly need something modeled after the JM pickups, I'm just looking for pickups that have a very thick, vintage tone, like the JM pickups. If I am at a loss, I'll check out those Klein pickups, though.