Hi, I recently bought a Fender Tele Modern Player Plus HSS and I am not as satisfied with the bridge humbucker and middle single coil as I first believed.

I play Blues/Rock/Alternitive Rock. I like artists like muse, clapton and U2.

I was thinking of these :

"Knee Jerk - Deluxe" Humbuckers - http://www.axesrus.com/axehumbuckers.htm

"Class Act 60s" Single Coil Pickups - http://www.axesrus.com/axepickup.htm#Scoils

I was wondering if anybody had anymore suggestions ?
The seymour duncan sh-4 jb is an awesome bridge humbucker. Not sure about a middle strat pickup, but the sh-4 is brilliant, put it in my Dot and it sounds amazing.
Pickup suggestions are pointless until we know what amp your have and what kind of tone it is you're after exactly ("muse, clapton and U2" covers a huge range of tones and isn't terribly specific).

Though for now, I'll say that I have been impressed by the pickups that Axesrus sells, considering their price. I happily put them on-par with IronGear and Tonerider pickups, and I'd take all three over some other, more expensive brands like Dragonfire and Kent Armstrong. They're not quite up to par with the main pickup brands - Seymour Ducan, DiMarzio, Fender, Rio Grande, Gibson and EMG - and they're obviously well behind the boutique makers like Wizard, The Creamery, Bare Knuckle and so on, but that's to be expected. Will they be an upgrade from your guitar's stock pickups? Probably not. They'll certainly change the tone, but I wouldn't expect them to be any more responsive and dynamic.
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Well, the amp I use is actually the Pod HD300 modelling processor but I am currently saving to buy the Tech 21 Power Engine so I can play live.

I would say the genre is I play is Blues, so that's the sound I would be looking for as I have a strat for the U2 kind of sounds.
Well again, simply "blues" doesn't tell us much. BB King sounds nothing like Stevie Ray Vaughan, for example, but they are/were both blues players.

Anyhoo, as long as you're playing through your POD there's not much point changing pickups. Changing to a much thicker-sounding pickup (the ridiculously heavy-hitters that DiMarzio make, for example) will add a little bottom end to your tone and likewise taking it to the other extreme and putting in something ridiculously bright will give you more treble and take out some bass, but generally you're not going to see much of a change, especially in the overall quality of your sound. Changing pickups is what you do to tweak your tone once you've got a solid core rig, but with modelling software that goes right out the window. Playing through modelling amp, swapping one medium-wound alnico V pickup for another medium-wound alnico V pickup won't make any audible difference, even if the new pickup is from a really nice brand. The less modelling you use the more you can expect to see a difference between pickups, but if you're playing through nothing but an HD300 and a power amp then you might as well not bother, unless you take your pickups to the absolute most extreme ends of the tonal spectrum, as I said.

For the price of the Tech 21, you could simply buy a nice all-valve combo amp. This would give you a fine base for any kinds of blues tones, and you could still run the POD in front of it like a general multi-effect unit. That way you're not absolutely relying on the POD to give you all your tone, and then changing pickups would actually be worth it and make a more noticable difference.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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