Here they are. The guitar sounds full and bright. Amazing sound and SOOOOO fun to play!

Here are some of the pictures. My great uncle got it when he was 12 in 1926 but the guy who restored it for me said the bracing is not X bracing and since it is a steel string guitar he thinks this could be one of the earlier steel string models that were made before they learned how to build with an X brace. Anyway NGD!!!! Here are some pictures of my beaut!

Thanks for looking! Keep on rockin' in the free world!
I'm still smiling ear to ear from the restoration. My great uncle actually used this guitar in the 1950's for Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra's USO tour. I still have the vintage guitar mic he screwed into the top (which the restoration fixed the screw hole nicely) too. It's a Monarch Guitar Mic, made in Japan BUT I have yet to find anyone that knows anything about it. I'll post pictures if you want me to.

The restoration on this baby cost me $400, the hardshell Superior Classical Case cost me $110, got a Oasis humidifier for $20, some Duck Wax for string cleaning and a couple cloths to keep it looking pretty. Sounds like a dream. My great uncle is smiling right now from the other side, I'm sure of it.
The shop owner I got the restoration from said it's appraised at around the $1800-$2000 range. To think last week I was practicing on a $185 Ibanez PF5 that I've had for 8 years now. Something new to play with!
Looking good!

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very impressive ! not that you'd ever think of getting rid of it but, it is nice to know the value. i'm sure you put the personal value much higher . be nice to hear that baby.
Thanks for all the views and kind compliments. It has a special place in my heart. If anyone lives near Rochester NY I strongly suggest you go to Bernunzio's on East Ave for any restoration or repair. They're great people there and treated my baby well.

Another great piece of info the restorer told me will add value to it is the original pick guard. I guess back in the day you had to order Washburn's through a catalog and the pick guard was a special option that cost anywhere from .50 cents to $2.00 depending on era. He said he has never seen a Washburn in person with an original catalog pickguard. He said it could raise the value just that much more. I'm never selling it though so its just another cool factoid I learned about it.
I'd love to hear it, got any video or soundclips?
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Quote by AiCPearlJam
If anyone lives near Rochester NY I strongly suggest you go to Bernunzio's on East Ave for any restoration or repair.

Ha, you live near me. Don't be surprised if your guitar goes missing

Not really, I live an hour away from rochester and I'm going back to college tomorrow so I guess you can keep it a little longer

I study classical guitar at college by the way, so thats probably why I'm so jealous and have been joking about stealing it I would also like to hear how it sounds. My guitar is decent but is nothing compared to yours

EDIT: It's a steel string? Well I guess that explains the pick guard...
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that's just awesome - congrats on the restore job. and i, too, would LOVE to hear some recordings.

btw, they were making ladder braced steel string guitars after 1926. well, some still do. my husband's 1936 kalamazoo is ladder braced. i love the sound, and i bet your guitar sounds wonderful
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he's not far enough away from me that i could take a day trip. not worried about the locked door as much as i am all the doggie chew toys!!! think maybe i'll just stay home. they look like the same ones my girlfriend chews on, and she's mean !
Ha ha ha my mutts are spoiled little babies. One's a pitbull/boxer mix I rescued from a really bad situation at an RIT Frat house and the other is a boxer/black lab mix who's 10 years old about.

Anyway, disturbed4ever, what school do you go to? I actually live an hour south of ROC but I go to MCC where I'm taking Music Theory IV with Dr. Dave Shaw (amazing teacher).
Quote by AiCPearlJam

Anyway, disturbed4ever, what school do you go to? I actually live an hour south of ROC but I go to MCC where I'm taking Music Theory IV with Dr. Dave Shaw (amazing teacher).

Now I need to know where. I live an hour south of Rochester too.. No joke

I go to OCC in Syracuse. I could have gone to MCC but the music program at OCC is really good and I didn't want to live at home for another 2 years
Wow small information super highway huh, ha ha. I'm in Conesus, went to highschool in Dansville. One of my friends went to OCC for something different and said he didnt like it much. MCC's music courses are pretty good too. I'm a liberal arts major so the only music I've taken is Guitar I, Piano I and Music Theory I-IV.
Haha you're like 20 mins away from me. I live in Springwater and went to Wayland for highschool. Thank god I graduated last year, I hated it there.

I could stop by really quick before I go to college to pick up your guitar
Damn Waylanders. Do you live near the main light in Springwater? I have an aunt who lives on Marvin Hill Rd
Nah, I live like 10 minutes outside of town. Do you know where Harriet Hollister (I think it's called) park is? Not too far from there. When we moved here 5 years ago, we (I have 3 other siblings) had the choice of going to Wayland or Honeoye, but for some reason we choose Wayland
Oh so you just moved up here then. I graduated in 2007. Wayland is a boring place just as much as Dansville. But yeah I know Harriet Hollister Park, awesome swimming cliff there.
You graduated 5 years ago and MCC is a 2 year school

Yeah I live close enough to Harriet Hollister where I could easily walk there. And every place around here is boring Another reason why I go to college in Syracuse.

This thread has gone way off topic A little more on topic, I'm going to be over your house soon to take your guitar off your hands.
Ha ha ha. Yeah I spent a year at the Culinary Institute right out of high school. Decided it wasnt for me and started MCC in 09. I've been commuting an hour back and forth every day so my schedules have been tinkered with every semester so its taking longer than usual. Plus I work 30+ hours on the side. If it wasn't for Theory class I would of stopped going four semesters ago. Liberal Arts degrees are 100% worthless in job markets around here
Haha thats funny; before I decided on music, I was also thinking about going to culinary school. Well that's when one of my "friends" had a huge influence on my as he was planning on going to culinary school too. We eventually stopped being friends (there's Wayland for ya, he is an asshole) and I started doing my own thing. That's when I decided on music. I'm almost done with my first year and I love it here.

Yeah music theory is great. I mostly get all A's

I have a feeling a mod is going to close this thread soon as it's turned into a personal convrsation Feel free to PM me if you want to continue talking

On topic: Post soundclips!
Beautiful guitar, I've always had a soft spot for vintage acoustics.

Althought you didn't mention the amount of work that had to be done on it, $400 seems to be very reasonable, judging by the condition of most of the guitars I have seen from that era.
I'm the only player to be sponsered by 7 guitar companies not to use their products.
Yes, very reasonable. Going into the restoration the wood was anciently dry. The tuning gears were rusted, which the restoration cleaned up completely. Almost all the bracing needed re-glueing, the bridge was lifted up along with the screws being ancient and snapping in half almost as soon as he tried to get them out.

He told me not to be suprised if a brace or two needs to be reglued in a year or so. He said a guitar this dry may tend to move around here or there but since the original shape of it was pretty good to begin with I shouldn't be worried.
Sorry i posted on your other post for pictures before reading this one. Duuuuude that thing is sooo sick.... The whole thing looks so understated and "acoustic" that i can't stop looking at it! can't wait to hear a sound from it if you ever record!
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I'll post sound clips very soon. I've been very busy with school and music theory to be exact. Just spent half the day yesterday finishing up a 20 measure modal composition project for Theory
That's really cool! I had no idea that Washburn was such an old company!
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