So.. I've been playing guitar for a few years now but I had to give it a break for an almost 9 months due to school issues and now I want to go back to it.. When I got my guitar at my hand I felt like I was stuck.. I had no idea what to do.. I improved my playing mostly by playing music from bands I like(song intros, some riffs etc) But I'm starting to think that maybe that is not a valid method.. Maybe it is.. Anyway I may need a fresh start and I think I need to know how to start over again.. Or at least how to improve my playing..
I think your on the right track. Just make sure what your learning relates to some skill (i.e. bending, muting, legato, shredding, etc). If you flavor playing what you want with improving technique it is a great way to improve.
It's a method.. But not something to keep repeating over and over again. I'd suggest getting a book that goes through scales, chords (especially movable ones), melodic scale patterns, arpeggios and extended chords.. etc. And just work with these while learning some songs (full songs would be ideal).

And also some very basic, simple exercises for overall technique. I think the 10 Freepower uploaded and linked on the "Songs for technique" are great and theres not many of them.

Learning songs thoroughly can teach you a lot, but at least for me it's not the most fulfilling way to practice. Learning something new that you're able to use right away on the other hand is great, and will let you end your practice on a good mood almost every time.