hello! im normally a bass player but over the past few months ive been asked to play acoustic guitar at various places and ive had to borrow a friends electro acoustic each time. i quite enjoy playing the acoustic for these things so i think im going to invest in getting my own. i dont think id get too serious about playing it but itd be something nice to have and as i say i do enjoy it. so heres the question, what shall i get?

-Budget is anything from £70-£130
- Has to be electro acoustic, i have nice vox amp whihc ive used with my friends guitar
-what i play is generally just rhythm guitar along with a couple of singers, bongo small acoustic kit, and a keyboard playing a sort of light acoustic rock sort of thing :L

so anyone got any suggestions? thanks!
p.s i would love to get a duplicate of my friends guitar but it was custom made for her by her dad so thats not an option :P
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Although they get a good name I would advise you to try guitars out first as you need a guitar that feels comfortable for you.

This is the only true answer for any "what xxx should I buy?" thread.

Everyone's opinion will be different. Our opinions count for nothing, only your opinion matters.
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Buy the best normal acoustic you can, then put in a Fishman electric soundhole pickup for $40. Budget is kinda low.

Or an SD Soundhole Pickup. But listen to this guy. Get some cheap acoustic and add a soundhole pickup.
im sure you can find a decent used electric/acoustic in that range. ain't gonna be a Taylor... maybe just a few steps down. too many to choose from. it ain't like we're suggesting our favorite cheese of the month selections to you.