I am currently in student accomodation and using an amp is near on impossible. I am looking for an alternative to this. Overall I want to be able to plug my guitar in (obviously), but also plug music from my laptop in (PC NOT Mac) and listen to the result of my jamming through headphones, always with the opertunity to record some stuff if I want. Don't need anything super complex for making studio albums, just something simple to get on with that allows me to jam along to my music through headphones and make some basic recordings, preferably for unde £100. I mentioned the line 6 pod in the title since I seem to remember the pods being used for direct studio recording, however I am by no means set on the idea and quite open to suggestions, whether that be other pre amp modellers or even using a software based programme and USB interface. Just need pointing in the right direction really!

Thanks for all your advice in advance.
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