Sounded alright dude. A couple of playing errors in there, but nothing too drastic. I liked the 7 note arpeggio, that was cool. And the tempo increase in the strumming section was sweet. It gets a tad repetitive though, or it seems like a random progression of chords that don't travel anywhere. After that tempo bump the dynamic of the song is pretty much constant throughout. It needs more light/shade in there. As far as the recording quality goes, the overall sound was a little tinny, lacking in the bass department. And during the arpeggios I could hear the clicking of your plectrum, which was distracting.

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There were some errors, I play it perfectly when I'm not recording, but when I start recording I think too much about NOT messing up which makes me mess up. And I used the microphone built into a flip cam, so the sound quality isn't very good at all; but it's better than nothing. I'm still learning, this was actually a song I started about two years ago, it was my first, but I never got around to recording it. So it is a little repetitive so I'll work on it, but imo I think it still sounds great for a first song.

But most songs are repetitive, they go through choruses, bridges and verses; so isn't repetition necessary? Ideally I'm creating songs to eventually add vocals to, and all of the songs I hear have repeating choruses and versus, so thats why I made it repetitive.