I saw his face and disliked then x'd out. sorry
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Ha ha love you to dude ;-)

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10/10 Slater is amazing

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I saw his face and disliked then x'd out. sorry

I just read the two top comments and the first paragraph of the description and closed the tab.
To be vulnerable is needed most of all, if you intend to truly fall apart.

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You have no idea how much I don't want to tell stories about my mother's vaginal slime on the internet.

I make music sometimes.
Dear god that face scares me.

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He's just trawling for attention now.
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ooh look at me i'm ERIKLENSHERR and i work at fancy pants desk jobs and wear ties and ply barely legal girls with weed and booze i'm such a classy motherfucker.
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I didn't think the Irish were a race. I always thought they were people from Ireland.

Irish was a minority in like the late 19th-early 20th century in the US
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Jesus, Horsedick, you are my hero

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don't worry guys his girlfriend is black, she said it was okay for him to say that.

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I got through a minute of it and had to turn it off. He does a really crappy job of getting his point across. He needs to grow up lol
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This ought to shut you up

I now have a lolstack, therefore I shall stop my rampage!
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Irish was a minority in like the late 19th-early 20th century in the US

Truth. The other whites here didn't even consider them to be white.
I got to where he said Leprechauns aren't real.

Tell me he's lying
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You have excellent taste in literature, dear sir

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You have excellent taste in video games, good sir.

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You have terrible taste in signatures, idiotic sir.

scottish people are always at least a quarter drunk.

I'm a bigot, i guess.

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