Hey guys, this is our band, Bearmont. We are a Indie folk band with lots of banjo goodness.

This is our first instrumental called Blooming Heather,


You can also find the song on our soundcloud, (Available for download completely free) in addition to our version of the old Irish folk song "Wild Mountain Thyme".


Really enjoyed that, instruments sound lovely together and it's a killler banjo riff, would be interesting to see what you could come up with if you added vocals, think you've got a really nice sound there!
Overall I really like this! I live right outside boston and luckily was not affected by the blackout but at least something good came out of it for you guys. I didn't enjoy the slide guitar all that much. It wasn't loud enough to be distinct but just quiet enough to almost sound out of place. I felt like the electric guitarist should have taken a lead with either some good finger picking or a couple rhythmic runs here and there. Kind of like it did towards the end of the song. Maybe eliminating the electric and going with another acoustic would have made it work better.

Wild mountain thyme is pretty kickass!

If you guys do C4C this is a link to my latest tune.

cut. it. out.
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Thanks for the feedback, I agree maybe the electric guitar didn't fit as well with the rest of the acoustic instruments. We'll consider doing a revised version of it later.