I heard I need a DI Box when recording things properly??
That's for one instrument only right? How do I record a band, playing all at once?
Do I just need a decent recording mic? Or do I use a DI Box for each instrument, plugged into the same thing?

How do I even use a DI Box?! Please help!!!!
The number of instruments you can record will depend on which interface you buy and how many inputs it has.

What are your aims for recording?

If you're hoping to create a demo CD for your band, you would be better off renting a studio for a day or two and having them create it for you. Recording is an art which takes a long time to learn, anything you create on your own will not be up to standard until you have spent a long time learning and practising.
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You don't need a DI box, you need an interface.

Should you choose to buy a DI box at a later date, is up to you, but having owned nearly all of them under ~$200, there's not much point in investing in one, when your interface's built in Instrument "DI" Inputs, are likely just as good.
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