Hey guys,

Just bought a flightcase for my Peavey 6505.

I was thinking. After rehearsal or a gig my amp/tubes are smoking hot. Would it cause any harm if I immediately put my amp in the flightcase or do I have to wait for it to cool down?
Would the captured heat in the flightcase cause any harm?

Thx guys
dont know from personal experience but just a thought: once the amp is closed in a locked up i there the case would probably turn into an oven if the tubes are still super hot. i dont know what kind of damage it could do but u may run the risk of melting some stuff.

for safety's sake it may be best to give it a little time to cool down
Once it's in the case, it's not going to be plugged in, so the tubes aren't going to be generating more heat.

I don't think it'll "turn into an oven" in its case, but let it cool down just to be safe.