Hi everyone

I want to show you the cover that I did with the other guitarrist of my band (Infernal Nightmare)! It's the famouse "turkish march" written by mozart there are lots of videos of this cover but we tried to make a classic arrangiament and to recreate the original transcription. It was an hard work for us so let me know that you think!


cheers from Italy!
Damn dude! That was very very impressive. Love your guitar as well as your guitar tone! Keep up the good work man!
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very cool stuff, not sure if you intentionally avoided using vibrato during this or not, but I'd recommend trying to use vibrato on this song(at least while playing by yourself. Also, adding bass and drums would sound really cool.
That was awesome man, you both did a fantastic job. Although for future recording I liked the guitarist on the left's tone more than the one on the right. Very accurate, very clean keep it up!
Well, before I start ranting about how awesome that was, I just wanted to say that I liked the video and subscribed to your channel. I'm excited to see more videos from you and your band! Thanks again for taking the time to watch my videos. It means a lot.

But first off, great stuff here. The playing was clean especially during those fast runs. I wouldn't even be able to play that in my dreams! But I love it when guitarists play classical pieces. Keep rockin' man \m/
Cool man, very clean playing. There were some parts that sounded a little less clean than the rest, but that's OK since it looks like you guys did that in one take. Great job.
whoah this sounds really awesome!
clean, melodic and elecrtric, i love it!
Extremely well done! I honestly think this is my favorite version of Turkish March that I've heard Your playing was great - very clean and very reminiscent of classical piano-style leads with the staccato phrasing. The two of you also harmonized very nicely. Plus I like your tone! Overall, extremely good work, man!
really nice playing guys, nice video too. Only thing I would change here is to give it little more attitude and little smile on your face won't be bad either
Nicely played you two! Very synchronized. Also the video edit looks very good, the angle changes makes it more interesting. Lack of vibrato may be intentional because piano doesn't have vibrato and since u said u tried to be as close as possible as the original, then it's ok. I never tried this piece but I can tell melodic lines originally composed for other instruments can be difficult to play on guitar, and you did it quite clean. Maybe less right hand movement would have make it even more clean, but it's clean enough as u played it ;-)
Great job dude! I'm not big on classical music, but that was insane.
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Thank you for all the comments!! next time we'll work better on vibrato...and on smiling too!