A little story to start off:

5 years ago I couldn't imagine me listening to jazz, it seemed too technical
and too pretentious to me.

yet, after listening to it for a long time, I became used to the sound of it.
and sometime later it clicked and I found something in the sound of jazz that interested me.
and today I love jazz and can't stop listening to it, I find it one of the most
beautiful and explosive art forms.

So, I acquired a taste for jazz. Many of you may have experienced this one time or another, acquiring a taste for a certain music genre just by listening to it over and over until "clicks" and you start to like it.

So, now the question is: Can every taste be acquired? (Not just for music genres) Can someone just by being exposed to something develop an interest in it?
And if yes, how far reaches this concept?

Theoretically, can a pacifist acquire a taste for killing people just by killing people over and over? Can a heterosexual man acquire a taste for having sex with men just by having it again and again?

Clearly, these examples are quite extreme and the process of acquiring would be very hard and might induce traumas, but theoretically it would be possible, wouldn't it?

so, discuss!

tl;dr: if you can acquire a taste for musical genres, can you acquire a taste for everything? (extreme examples: killing people, having sex with the same gender as you)

sorry for bad english
I think so if the person is eased into the new taste.

For example showing current music to someone from say the 60's would not work out to well, but to go through each little step the music took to reach that stage I definitely think it might be more successful. Easing into change is the best thing you can do to bring it upon people who don't want it.
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tl;dr: if you can acquire a taste for musical genres, can you acquire a taste for everything? (extreme examples: killing people, having sex with the same gender as you)

It doesn't translate that way. The only common word between those is the word "taste", if you can call killing people an aquired taste. Your sexuality however certainly isn't an "aquired taste"...

Listening to music and various physical activities are different things. I don't even think you can genuinely listen to every song and like it unless you're some special mental case.
Well, there is a little thing called the Mere Exposure Effect, but I doubt it carries into things like sexual orientation and killing people.
There's a word in Russian called: меломан,

basically, a person that likes every type of music. I've met a few people who call themselves that, but over time I found out that they're just hypocrites. I mean there are so few people who actually HEARD all the stuff that can be out there, I don't mean that you should listen to every single song on the planet, but the genre at least, the style of the composition. They call themselves that, and I send them some really rare non-mainstream brutal progressive shit they never listened to and then say "oh, it's not my style"

Just something they like to show off, which isn't true.
i can see you understanding both sides to everything you come across, but that doesnt mean you will like it. liking something and understanding/respecting it arent necessarily the same thing. for instance, i understand hip hop, what it means, how people can relate to it, but i dont like it. i respect what i consider good hip hop, but even good hip hop i dont really like. not to say i dont like any hip hop, just the genre in general.
i can understand how a gay person feels. i really feel like i can. im not gay, but i understand what a gay man is going thru. that doesnt mean i have to want to be gay myself. not all opinions are an acquired taste.

edit:^ have you ever listened to animals as leaders or between the buried and me or jazz classics such as in the mood or tons of others? jazz is a huge genre
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No I don't think so.
A couple of my friends used to listen to metal. I thought there must be something to it and tried to get into it. To me it always sounded like horrible singing/lyrics, too loud drums and a overly distorted guitar. the majority of teenagers like it though, there must be something to it, I just don't hear it.
seems possible...but won't work with metal.
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Some things, not all.
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Not everything, but most things. Especially when it comes to food.
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A couple years back I was diagnosed with Diabetes. I was terrified of needles at the time.

Now I do not have to do insulin shots, but I do have to stick myself with what amounts to a pin several times a day to check my blood sugar, and it hurts, some times more than others. The hardest thing I ever had to do was to push the trigger on the lancing device the first time on my own.

Anyway, to prevent a long story from becoming longer, I got used to it. I didn't have a choice, it was just something that I had to do.

I won't say I enjoy it, I don't, but I do it without hesitation. It's just a part of life now.

Anything can become normal if it has to.
Mere exposure.

'nuff said.
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I'd been going for a month or so.

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depends how institutionalized the situation is; how many options we have. as evolved humans we've learned to be contempt with our options by rationalising our situation, and eventually, we succumb to our resultant emotions. if we couldn't do that we'd kill ourselves trying to return to our starting position, when it's impossible. it's how perfectly heterosexual males have sex with men in prison, and how you will eventually be contempt with shitty store-bought microwave pizza after you've lived on your own for a while.

changing taste by option, for me, is just dependant on what kind of person you are. some people don't change from the moment they form opinions. some will call it asperger's, but i could easily come up with a name for every different psychological state to overdiagose people with too and it wouldn't change the reality of the human we're looking at, and the fact that people do vary with personalities.
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I hope not, because then I'll acquire a taste for all sorts of bad things like poison and gravel and cement and crude oil and vegetables.

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seems possible...but won't work with metal.

Look at how cool this kid is.
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Forced listening is a great thing.
There's a John Cage quote that goes:
If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all."

It's a really great quote and what got me into the mind set that all music has a redeeming factor that makes it listenable.
It's always easier to find just ONE thing you like in a piece of music rather than finding every reason to hate it.

So to answer OP's question, I guess?
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It doesn't translate that way. The only common word between those is the word "taste", if you can call killing people an aquired taste. Your sexuality however certainly isn't an "aquired taste"...

I'm not claiming in any way that sexuality is an acquired taste, I'm just talking about having sex.

And yes, I shouldn't have jumped from music directly to such extreme situations, my point should have included many things you can get used to just by being exposed to it (food etc..)
I think it depends on your mindset. If you are willing to change your opinions on things then it should be possible.

This definitely doesn't apply to food though, or if it does I think it'd be much much more difficult.
Not sure for bad mass produced music, but for other, I believe you could even start liking noise. I listened to Ummagumma a few times, and now I love it.
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yup. i hated scat the first time i tried it.now sex without it seems boring

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