i am in need of a new acoustic guitar, i tend to play alot of ulli boegershausen. i have a budget of about 500-700 pounds. i haved looked at two guitars which are listed bvelow, i was wondering if anyone had any recomendations ?



regards, Dean
Purely on the Martin front - I've got one of the HPL Martin's and had it for about four or five years and I must say they have done a great job at producing a very big bass sound using alt materials, from such a small guitar. Quality is simple but worth the money. I use mine a lot and it plays like a dream. Action is fantastic.
these two guitars are very different in size - you're comparing a 00 and a jumbo. i prefer the martin marginally, but if you're willing to go with a jumbo (much larger than the 00), why not go for a larger martin?

if you want to stick with the martin x series, i'd suggest one of these three as the slightly larger lower bout adds a little more oomph to the tone over the 00 but it's still smaller than a dread

if you could find this one for a little less at another store (thomann doesn't always have the best prices), this is the jumbo i'd prefer to the tak
the seagull is more resonant, which is where the tak falls a bit flat - i've played a couple dozen of the tak, and you can hear the laminate wood causing a bit of muffling/fuzziness, although it is a fun guitar.
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yeah, you're comparison/choices are a bit different from each other. Jumbo vs 00 which is a tad bit odd. Personally, for the fingerstyle that ulli plays, i'd go with something the Martin compared to the two you have. Just more fit for your Ulli stuff sound wise in my opinion. That takamine was realllyyy loud (since its a jumbo) and kinda took from the mellow and more blended sound i like for fingertstyles. The Martin you showed wouldn't be my first choice, but if it were me, I would definitely pick it over the takamine.

That being said, try some other options in that price (i'm in canada so sorry if i'm a little off from pounds. i'll estimate based on the price of those two guitars). The Seagull SWS patticake mentioned is definitely worth a look. Also, take a look at some Alvarez guitars. If you really want to stay martin, the dcx1 should be looked at also. But if i was in your position with that budget, i would definitely look into a used Larrivee L-03 or D-03. They go for around 600-800 DOLLARS here in Canada (almost equal to $US). Or if you really want new, their new D-02 line was cheaper (around $800 new i think?) and pretty darn impressive tone wise. Larrivee is my personal favorite in terms of fingerpicking tone, so i recommend looking into them at least!