that's really good man, plus you look kinda cool,
and loved the emotional last part!
It's good, but I get slightly annoyed that you only do downpicks.

EDIT: Seems a bit sloppy and off timing at the end.

On another note, you must have the perfect fingers to play bass.
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Because they're long?
Thanks for the feedback, thanks a lot. I felt downpicks the song an energetic sort of vibe.
Hey man, thanks for the crit!

First of all, I love your tone man! I wish I could achieve that kind of bass-tone myself, really dark and rumbling, ****ing awesome! THe playing is flawless as I can see, really well played!
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Hey man! Thanks for checking out my video! I'm here to return the favor

First off, great job on the cover! You look like you really enjoy playing bass so keep it up. I remember when I used to listen to Sum 41 all the time lol but i liked the video and subscribed to your channel. Keep rocking man \m/