Hey guys! Do you think I should sell a Framus Camarillo 6 in favour of Schecter Diamond Series 006?
Very different guitars, Framus is great for a solo tone, I found, but doesn't deal too well with distortion. Schecter on the other hand is a predominantly metal guitar, real easy to use and get a good heavy sound. It is also light and the feeling of it in your hands is addictive enough to practice for hours in comparison to Camarillo, which is very heavy and tiring to play when sitting down.
I know it sounds like I'm in love with Schecter anyway, but is there something I am missing out with the characteristics? The prices are more then twice favourable, and the Schecter is brand new.

Thanks a lot.

Its as easy as taking them both, playing both and keeping the one you like best man. being comfortable with your instrument is the most important part of learning to play xd
I have yet to play a Schecter that is better made and sounds nicer than a Framus and I find it hard to think that the Framus can't handle distortion.
Also, I think the Framus is about 3 times the price of the Schecter?
Anyway, as said before, go with what feels best to you. We can't choose what guitar you like best.
I have a 006 elite which is a set neck, its easily one of my favorite guitars even though the frets are almost worn out. I have a Invader at the bridge and it cleans up very well I can pull off Rush,Prong,ACDC and lol Huey Lewis songs with it. So no its not just a heavy metal guitar.
I was able to pick it up used for $170 and sold my omen 6 for $100 so I was able to in therory get the 006 for what the Invader goes for
If you like the Schecter and it feels good by all means go for it. I have had a few and love or loved every one.
You never said what 006?
What the hell!!!
It's the Deluxe satin.
The Schecter is not better made, it is much lighter and not drowned in varnish like Camarillo, which feels a bit unappealing to the touch cause of that.

Thanks a lot everyone!
I am quite determined to try it out, then compare all the negatives and positives and post my findings.