Whats the lowest you would tune with 11-56?
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I can go like, drop C with 11 - 49.
Dunno about that that 56, but drop A# should be fine.
I play that gauge, it's good for drop C and B, it gets more slinky after that if you're into that stuff.
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i also play that, drop b is fine, but anything lower not very comfortable
Lowest I'd go with it is Drop B. After that you're playing noodles.

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Do any of you know a good gauge for drop c and drop a?
Marshall valvestate 80v
esp ltd mh-1000 deluxe
jay turser jtc-500
Whatever feels comfortable for you :/
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Personally, I'd never tune any higher than Drop B with a .11 set. But to each his own. There is no right or wrong string gauge to use for any tuning, it's all personal preference.
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As low as you like the feel. Some player plays 12's in standard and others 9 in drop C, It's all preference.