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I was offered this in trade but before I ever consider any deal I all ways research what I am getting. The problem is I was completely unable to find anything at all to prove this is real, I have sent Schecter pictures and the serial number but since that could take a while I thought I would post it up here and see if any of you might know.

I'd wait until Schecter give it the green light. I've never seen a Schecter like that before.
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Browsing around, the ONE other Schecter I saw with that logo was a fake. It doesn't look like any Schecter that's been in production either (that I know of).

Yeah I found the same one last night.
A similar model is in the schecter catalogue from 2000

http://www.schecterguitars.com/Documents/2000_Catalog.pdf scroll to page 29 it gives some background on the model, the ones in the picture aren't exactly similar to your but it explains there was a range of models.

I think that it is real as it's actually a model and who the hell would forge a discontinued model of a not very famous brand of guitar?

Just because its not famous or like the guitars they put out today doesn't mean its a fake. First time I saw the fender katana or gibson victory I was convinced they were faked but they both actually happened
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i don't know jack about schecters, but it might be one of the older ones (when tom anderson was with them?). I know the japanese schecter logo is very like that one. e.g. http://www.schecter.co.jp/sdnv/sd224bw_aqb.html

not saying it's definitely real or anything like that, but i'm not so quick to dismiss is as the other guys, either.
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Back when Schecters were legitimate high end instruments, I know they made a bunch of Fender copies. Mark Knopfler was known to play Schecter strats along with his Fenders. All the ones that I've seen though had the Fender strat-style headstock. I have no idea what the guitar you posted is, but it definitely doesn't look like any Schecter strat copy that I've seen. Then again, I'm far from an expert on the topic.
A few months ago, I saw a lefty version of one of these on eBay. I emailed the guy asking for some info and he said that one was a late 80's Schecter that was a custom job. I still didn't trust it since I've never seen or even heard of one before. I know I couldn't have seen everything, but I've done a lot of research into lefty guitars and never once have seen one. I didn't know that you could send pictures to Schecter though. I got a sweet Jackson instead of that and I don't regret that at all. If they do ID it as a legit model, it's probably going to be a great player.
It does not look like any Schecter headstock shape I have seen, but I am not an expert and odd things do exist.
If its a custom parts Schecter neck it should have Schecter stamped on the neck bottom. But from the looks of the dust in the poly or clear on the headstock shot to me it looks like someone made it at home. And the tuners look cheap and the pole pieces look too small for older "vintage" Schecter pups. And thats a really large serial# to be vintage IMO.
What the hell!!!
or maybe it is a Schecter and someone stripped all the good stuff off.
What the hell!!!