Basically what the title says. i play stuff like bullet for my valentine, escape the fate, falling in reverse, avenged sevenfold, and other hardcore stuff.
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Valveking unless you want all the onboard effects (which aren't top-notch, but kinda useable).

thats what i was thinking but i dont have the money to buy alot of pedals.
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Then skip the pedals. You probably won't need anything more than a boost, really, and those are cheap.

So The valveking and a Tube screamer possably the ts9 turbo tube screamer?

Anyother opnions
I'm not sure how the Valveking would do for avenged sevenfold and all the other bands you said you play. the vypyr is more versatile imo, and since you said you can't afford any effect pedals might be better bang for your buck.
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well i really dont play anything besides metal

Well yeah, but do you want your tone to be versatile, able to switch between all the different bands and styles.
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Well yeah, but do you want your tone to be versatile, able to switch between all the different bands and styles.

definitely. so right now im leaning towards the vypyr tube
The Vypyr tube is a pretty nice amp for the price.
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Valveking. if you play the two side by side, you'll understand why. the vypyr definitely has an edge in terms of versatility, but the valveking sounds significantly better.

also, the valveking can do the sorts of sounds those bands have pretty easily, especially if you can afford a decent overdrive pedal to boost the amp a little bit.
My vote goes for the valveking. In my opinion is sounds better even if it isn't as versatile. You'll want an OD with it though if you want more a more aggressive sound. For some reason it seems to get great results with the cheap digitech badmonkey overdrive.
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honestly a 6505+ would be far a far better choice than the VK. i own and use a VK but play blues rock and 70s-early 80s hard rock and metal for the most part. the VK really needs help to get to modern metal distortion levels and if you are thinking about the combo it lacks the low end response needed for that style of metal. they tube vypyr may be a better choice for similar money.
Vypyr, easily. I've owned a ValveKing and I own a Vypyr. The VK can do heavy stuff, but that's not what it was designed for, and doing all the shit you have to do to it to make it heavy isn't worth it, IMO. The Vypyr sounds way better for heavy stuff right out of the box.
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