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1 (soulless, heartless, unticklish demon)
14 8%
6 4%
11 7%
12 7%
9 5%
12 7%
16 10%
29 18%
15 9%
10 (Extremely ticklish)
41 25%
Voters: 165.
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Being tickled is my weakness. It drives me mad how ticklish I am. So how ticklish are you? Do you drop dead laughing instantly, or are you a soulless, heartless, unticklish (not sure if real word) demon?
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Im very ticklish
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Not at all. There is a single spot on my feet that makes me laugh from being tickled, but other than that, nope.
Very ticklish. On my neck especially. If anyone even like goes near it, I can start feeling it.
My whole body is, and if I even get touched I start laughing a lot because it feels like I'm getting tickled. It's a bitch.
Not in the slightest It just annoys me when people try.
There is a spot on the back of my neck that makes all my muscles simultaneously shiver though.
Really bad. I tend to get violent when I'm tickled and normally I'm rather placid.
I've had to warn people that I can't be held responsible for my actions when they do it.
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I don't know; noone's made an effort to tickle me in a very long time.
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Depends who's tickling me; with most people I can pretty much ignore it, with my significant other I crease up after a light poke. Must be a fear thing...
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I gone for 8. I'm generally ticklish in most places and if you catch me off guard I'll end up giggling like a girl.
I have a seizure when i'm being tickled.

Even people saying "i'm going to tickle you!" paralyzes me.
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Extremely. All my friends try to poke my sides during our lunch hour 'cause I make "cute" sounds.

They're sounds of pain, dammit! D:
I used to be very ticklish when I was younger. Now I'm only ticklish every now and then.
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I turn into some kind of retarded duck when I'm tickled. By which I mean I make strange noises and flap my arms a lot. My girlfriend loves it, so she tickles me all the time.

Basically, I'm very ticklish and I regret ever telling her that I am.
I really am, especially on my penis actually, it's kinda embarassing when I get a blowjob, and I am always laughing during sex ...
I would be a 10, but my rock hard, solid, steel (yes, the rock and steel comparison does not work here), protect me from atleast 20% of the tickling. So I am an 8
I'm a 10, man
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Depends who's tickling me
What if it was 'Thing' from the Addams Family?

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I have a seizure when i'm being tickled.

Even people saying "i'm going to tickle you!" paralyzes me.

you have to say something like, "i have diarrhea."

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Very ticklish. Can't really put it on a scale
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somewhere in between. Most people when they try to tickle me cant find anywhere, and I'm pretty good at pretending I'm not even if I am until they give up. I have spots though that will make me jump. I hate being tickled, though. Feels like i'm being violated.
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l'm not really that ticklish.

However, l've made an interesting observation: A few girIs l know who used to be extremely ticklish went from a 10 to unticklish demons after getting in relationships. l assume that l'm not the only one who's capable of drawing some creative hypotheses for why this is the case...
The threat of being tickled freaks me out more than the act. I put myself at a six, because I can tolerate it pretty well usually.

I'm usually the one getting people. I like to go for the knees. Sometimes it hurts them, but I don't stop anyway.

I have control issues
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I picked a 10

Because I am very ticklish almost all over. It is my weakness
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Not at all. I've yet to find a ticklish spot on my body.
I start screaming whenever someone tries to tickle me.

I'm not very ticklish, I just like screaming at people.
Not very much anymore. I used to be really ticklish but lately it barely makes me smile anymore. I think when I turned 18 my soul turned to black.
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I'm extremely ticklish, to the point it becomes annoying when I'm cuddling with my girlfriend ...
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