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be the bully
9 13%
get bullied
14 20%
be a bull
7 10%
be a matador
39 57%
Voters: 69.
bullied. Would you rather your son/daughter be the bully or get bullied? Why?

Poll incoming.
Everyone gets bullied and bullies, shrug.
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Be a bull. That way no one bulles him/her, but I would have to put up with a lot of bullshit, har har.
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I would much rather want him/her to be the bully.

He/she would most likely grow out of that phase and end up regretting it, to be bullied can have some horrible consicuenses on a person.
I'd rather they were a matador, because then I'd get cheap beef.
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There's a middle ground - between not being the idiot, and not becoming a victim of said jerk.

That middle ground is matador.
The bullied. It can be solved much easier than preventing someone from becoming a mindless douchebag.
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I'm okay if my future kid(s) deal with a little bullying, I think it helps them grow stronger and learn to deal with assholes in life. But severe bullying I won't tolerate at all. And I don't want my kid bullying other kids either. So I'm leaning towards being bullied, but I'm still in the middle.
The bully, because I could spank the douche out of him and teach him the error of his ways, then he'd be an anti-bully who fought other bullies on behalf of the bullied.
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I'll bully my children myself.

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Both teach their life lessons. It's good to get pushed around and push around a little as a kid, you learn a lot about the world and it saves you from turning into a vanilla corner-hugger.
I'd rather them get bullied. Because I'm going to raise my children to stand up for themselves. So even if they were bullied, they would shut it down pretty quick. It would also help them build character to become a good and humble person.
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How about my kids would be so smart that they'd think of making the right friends?
I would prefer them to be a bully, as I would condition it out of them. Harder to stop the bully if your kid is the victim.
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i'd rather my kid get bullied than be one. for example, my sister got a lot of shit from her first high school she went to. she'd come home crying and she hated it. but the experience has made her grow into a far more mature person than i was at her age or even in my first few years at college.

there are always going to be bullies. you'll just have to learn to deal. it's part of life and part of character building. i'll teach my kids (god willing) to stand up for themselves but to never become like the bullies. the best revenge is to not be like the one committing the harm i think. i'll teach my kids that no one can hurt them without their permission to do so.
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I don't think he'd be either. He'd probably be like me and lay low and blend in with the rest.
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ITT everyone is butthurt they but bullied as kids and want to live vicariously through their children as they torture others.
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ITT everyone is butthurt they but bullied as kids and want to live vicariously through their children as they torture others.

I just wouldn't want my kids to be weak and possibly suicidal.