Hello all,

Me and the band recorded a 3 track e.p. last summer, and finally got round to (I hate using this term as we're not famous) releasing it the other day. A bit long it know! We needed to do a few more gigs to pay for the artwork and copying it etc so didn't rush into it.


It's a 3 track e.p. we have been selling at around £3.50 a pop (a price of a pint is our logic) and I'd like to offer some copies here for a donation and whatever postage is.

Here is a link to 30second snippets of the disc...


There are also a few full songs of our first disk, which were recorded in a bedroom and we just started out so please ignore ha ha.

Also, I don't know why, but we have another soundcloud here with us being played on our local radio. Its a full version of 'Highway One' here:


Well if you like it, please give us a shout. The vocalist/ guitarist drew the artwork which is pretty cool! Really pleased with it.

Hopefully you all will like it, unlike some drunk b**tards that kept calling us c*nts at last nights gig. Lovely lovely people.

Nice chainsaw voice! I also liked the vocalists regular singing voice as well.

It's a very "genuine" sounding band. Lots of rhythmic textures in every demo. I'd listen to it on a roadtrip ha ha ha.

Sounds good keep it up!
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