I been playing for a while now, 4 or 5 years I come up with some good original riff and song. But I always get so far and I am forced to stop when it comes to the solo. You see I tend to get a clear image in my head of what it should sound like (if I don’t I just do normal messing round till I get a riff or so) When it comes to solos I can’t cut it. I come up with stuff but it has no, well….. Soul, shall we say. I don’t feel it, It never feels like it fits in. Musically everything I write should sound good form a strictly theory view point but to me it feels soulless. I heard it said that a good solo is one someone can sing along to. That’s why we say “he makes that guitar sing” for me I can’t seem to “make it sing. I’m not totally hopeless I can write sad, slow solos fully of emotion solos. But when it comes to really rock and roll guns n roses, AC/Dc style solo I fail I can’t sit down listen to what I have and a solos idea pops in my head . It just doesn’t work like that for me. I'm lost at what I can do to get over this D:
I had that problem too, but I have figured a great way of getting the hang of it!
Use a common chord progression in the key of E minor (just an example), and start of by hearing through the cycle of chords a few times while imagining when you want notes to be played during it (not necessarily what notes, but where the notes find place in the measures along the rythm). Then find out what notes that the chords are built up of because they usually sound good with the chords played in the background. Those notes will be the important notes of each chord played, and you should try to use them much.
And example would be the E minor chord, which is built up of E-G-B. The upcoming chord will be for example a C chord which is C-E-G. In this example I like to play a b note before i hit a C as the C chord kicks in. Less important notes can be used to come into the important ones.
If you get this down, you can try to add some sould to your playing, like vibrato, bending, sliding and legato etc.
Sorry for writing so much text, but I hope it helps anyways.
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Those notes will be the important notes of each chord played, and you should try to use them much.